Lee Carver, Writer

The first book had to be about life in the Amazon region of Brazil, where my husband and I served as volunteer missionaries for six years after his retirement from international business.

But wait. I didn't know how to write a novel. A novel was not just a very long short story, which I had penned in the past. So I'd have to study and practice and hone my craft. Read books and join American Christian Fiction Writers and its local chapter, ACFW-DFW Chapter, aka Ready Writers. And join a serious critique group, and go to the annual ACFW conventions for workshops. I had to get an agent, dream up a plot, and write a synopsis--not in that order.

Some I got right, some not so much, but the retirement career had been launched. The wordplay is fascinating, like a never-ending puzzle with infinite solutions.

My biography? It's an unfinished plot. 
So what is that? Not a simple question, as it turns out. I keep going back to the saying, "God's will for your life is exactly what you would choose if you knew everything He knows." And another one:  "The only thing that counts in life is what you do for the kingdom of God."
I want to write. I want to use all the experiences of my worldwide life to stretch the imaginations of readers to what is possible, what is precious, what is permanent. But never dull. Maybe romantic. Yes, definitely more readable with a romantic thread.
After growing up in one small, southern town, I've enjoyed the privilege of living in seven states and six foreign countries:  Greece, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Indonesia, Spain, and Brazil. Now happily settled in Texas, my husband and I are active in our church and local missions while maintaining contacts with Brazilian aviation missions. No, we weren't missionaries in all those countries. He was a businessman, and I was a wife/mother/ homemaker/teacher along for the ride. We're retired now, and can do anything we want to.